Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Cleansed - Now Available From Blackstone Audio

The Cleansed, the post apocalyptic radio drama series from FinalRune Productions and the mind of Fred Greenhalgh, is now available from Blackstone Audio.

In recent years there's been an increasing fascination with the idea of an apocalypse where some life changing, earth shattering event forces mankind to pick up the pieces and rise from the ashes. Whether it's asteroids hitting the earth, thermonuclear warfare, alien invasions or an act of God people the world around continue to get keyed up over possible cataclysmic future events. So the question is: how would mankind react to the prospect of having to rebuild after a world changing event or events? The subject is a playground for the imagination. Fred Greenhalgh's FinalRune Productions gives one possible answer to that question by taking listeners on an intriguing adventure in their first season of The Cleansed.

The series has a bit of a Hitchcock feel to it and we HIGHLY encourage audio drama lovers to acquaint themselves with this most entertaining and fascinating story from one of the best new audio theater producers in the world. For those not familiar with Fred Greenhalgh we offer you this insight: He records every production live and on location. For example an outdoor scene that calls for crossing a river will actually be recorded at a river location either in the water or from the shore. Or if a scene calls for people running through a forest, the cast of actors is actually recorded running through a wooded area. This recording style brings with it a realism that gives productions from FinalRune an authentic cinematic sound.  It's an experience audio aficionado's won't want to miss. Live on-site recording coupled with solid writing and acting make The Cleansed a most enjoyable series.

From Fred Greenhalgh:

The Cleansed is a post-apocalyptic adventure, yes. But it is not about the apocalypse. It is about Luke, Maria, and Marc – three youths who grow up in the context of a world greatly reduced in size, a world insular and hard. It is about what happens to them when they respond to a call for adventure.
It is about John Prophet, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, leaving us to ask – is what he is trying to gain worth so high a cost? It is about Lucian, Amos, and Zeke – three characters caught in the shadows of larger-than-life characters who believe that a divine reckoning is coming.
Oh, a reckoning is coming to the world of The Cleansed. But is it the work of actual angels and demons, or that of humans who have embraced the angels and demons of their nature?  Is the reckoning avoidable, or inevitable?  And can we as individuals, small as we are, but empowered with choice, do anything to change the course of events much bigger than ourselves?
The Cleansed does not answer these questions but explores them, and, with a bit of luck, leaves us asking those same questions of our world today.

To learn more about The Cleansed visit the shows official website.

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